Our mission
Our mission is to be the best fundraising company in the United States of America. To do so we will provide organizations with a superior fundraising product and service; we will provide advertisers with unsurpassed value and results; we will provide consumers with the finest money-saving coupon book; and we will provide our dealers with an outstanding opportunity to own their own coupon book fundraising business.
Company history
The Savings Sidekick Coupon Book is the result of a classic story of supply meeting demand. Schools, churches, youth sports teams and other non-profit organizations are in constant need of a fundraising product which is easy and fast to sell and also returns a substantial profit to the group. Jared Bakewell, company founder and president, first encountered the concept of coupon book fundraising while raising money for various groups he was a member of throughout his youth. The books were popular with the public and easy to sell, but the profit his group kept was not enough. Other products that offered a higher profit were difficult to sell and often cheap. There had to be a better way...

Through years of research, Bakewell set out to create the perfect fundraising product for organizations in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. The result was a compact coupon book packed with discounts on restaurants, entertainment and goods and services with an emphasis on locally owned and operated merchants. The valuable discounts made the books easy to sell while still returning a 50% profit to the selling organization. The business was built on a win-win scenario for all three parties involved:

1. Fundraising organizations finally have a fundraising product worth selling that is easy, fast and profitable.
2. Advertisers receive great exposure that brings in new customers and an opportunity to give back to the local community.
3. Consumers love the coupon book which gives them valuable savings while supporting local groups.

Savings Sidekick quickly became known as "Omaha's Best Fundraiser" and was soon the preferred choice of hundreds of local fundraising organizations. When Bakewell learned he was out-selling a major national competitor he decided it was time to grow Savings Sidekick beyond Omaha and create a fourth win-win scenario.

Savings Sidekick developed a dealership network that allows local owners to publish their own Savings Sidekick Coupon Book through Savings Sidekick Publishing, Inc. The dealership concept provides dealers with a rewarding business model while still providing the autonomy to operate their business as they wish. Unlike a franchise, there are no franchise fees or royalties charged to dealers and no corporate office preventing them from best servicing the local customers.

As we expand our dealership network, fundraising organizations across the country will have access to a fundraising product that is easy, fast and profitable: The Savings Sidekick Coupon Book.
President's message
I sincerely appreciate your visit to our website. Whether you came here looking for fundraising, advertising, to purchase a book or are interested in owning a Savings Sidekick dealership, I appreciate your time. We've worked hard to create a company built on a win-win philosophy and I hope you found what you were looking for. If not, please call me at (888) 553-5459 x 2. Thanks!

Jared Bakewell
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