Our Fundraising Program
The Savings Sidekick Coupon Book is a great fundraising idea for your organization. The book was specifically designed as a fundraiser for all kinds of groups including school groups, youth sports teams, church groups, and other organizations. We think you will agree our fundraiser will be perfect for your group because it is:


Selling the Savings Sidekick Coupon Book is easy because people actually want to buy it. They love the local savings and compact size. Finally a fundraising product you can be proud to sell!


Fundraising with Savings Sidekick is fast because you can make the sale, deliver the book, and collect the money in just one visit with the customer! Your local fundraising expert will make sure that everything goes smoothly.

High Profit!

Your group always makes 50% profit – no matter what! No minimums and no change in profit based on how many books you sell. We are a fundraising company that cares about profits for local organizations.


No Risk!

You group sells the books on consignment which means that you only pay for the books that are sold – after you sell them. There is no money due up front and you can return any unsold books at the end of your sale.


While everybody else will be peddling the same old cookie dough, wrapping paper, magazine subscriptions or frozen food, your group will offer a unique product that helps people save money at local merchants. The books practically sell themselves.

Great Rewards!

Your local fundraising expert will customize a rewards program for your organization. We don’t believe in trinkets that break or get lost after a few days and we don't have a set catalog of low quality prizes. Every organization is different which is why we customize a rewards program with you.

Request Information
Fill in the contact information below and we will quickly contact you to discuss your organization's fundraiser. We are eager to help and aim to astound you with our customer service. You can also give us a call at (888) 553-5459.

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Your Earning Potential
The chart below illustrates the profit your group can make with our program. It's amazing how much money you can make when your group keeps $10 per sale instead of the mediocre profits offered by other fundraising programs.

"Our fundraiser with Savings Sidekick was easy, profitable, and fast. We will continue to sell them next year and for years to come."

Aaron Bearinger
DECA Advisor
Millard North High School

~ Omaha Coupon Book